What We Do

MiddCORE a leadership and Innovation Program

Middlebury’s Summer Leadership and Innovation Program

MiddCORE is about SKILLS.

A diverse group of students from top liberal arts colleges and universities bring their energy and curiosity to the four-week program. Collaborating in small groups, and working more 40 hours a week, you’ll face daily, weekly, and month-long challenges designed to build the CORE strengths and skills needed to become effective leaders and creative problem solvers.


Students learn by doing. Learn to think strategically by addressing real challenges posed by mentor organizations. Learn to innovate by developing and testing your own ideas in the MiddCORE Innovation Challenge. Learn to communicate persuasively by engaging in idea pitches and story-making workshops. Learn to negotiate by practicing conflict resolution. Learn to handle the unexpected by managing crises. And discover your moral compass by generating best responses to ethical dilemmas.


The key to the MiddCORE experience is our mentors. Through day-to-day interactions with these dynamic, engaging, and successful professionals, you’ll face hands-on challenges that will inspire you to think creatively, operate outside your comfort zone, and deal with ambiguity. With their help and guidance, you will build confidence, establish your strengths, and identify opportunities that are right for you.

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