SNC Program

MiddCORE’s Summer Immersion Program

MiddCORE Immersion is intense.

A diverse group of students from top liberal arts colleges and universities bring their energy and curiosity to MiddCORE. Collaborating in groups of 15-20, and working over 40 hours a week for one month, students face daily, weekly, and month-long challenges designed to build the CORE strengths needed to become effective leaders and creative problem solvers.

MiddCORE Immersion is experiential.

Students learn by doing. They learn to think strategically by addressing real challenges posed by partner organizations. They learn to innovate by developing and testing the feasibility of their own ideas in the MiddCORE Innovation Challenge. They learn to communicate persuasively by engaging in improvisation exercises, idea pitches, and story-making workshops. They learn to negotiate by practicing conflict resolution. They learn to handle the unexpected by managing crises. And they set their own moral compass by generating best responses to ethical dilemmas.

MiddCORE Immersion is collaborative.

Working in small groups students learn to listen, create, collaborate, and lead. Through formal and informal interactions with dynamic, engaging, and successful mentors, students learn to take calculated risks, be more resourceful, identify opportunities, and deal with ambiguity.

MiddCORE students arrive with curiosity and ambition. They leave with a unique set of skills, a vast network of mentors, and newfound confidence. View our Testimonials

In short, they leave prepared to lead.

Earn College Credit. 

MiddCORE Graduates receive one Middlebury College course credit (or the equivalent of 3 semester-hour credits) upon successful completion of the program.

Download MiddCORE’s Course Book. Inside you will find a full month-long calendar, quotes from alumni, and descriptions of the CORE strengths.

Who should apply?

MiddCORE is for highly motivated college students and recent college graduates who have a desire to build leadership and communication skills while developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Students should be comfortable in collaborative settings and be prepared for forty hours a week of impact-focused, project-based learning.

Accommodations and Classrooms

Students and mentors live at Asilomar which has access to the beach from its boardwalk. Classes are held both at the Asilomar Conference Grounds and at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

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