Jo Opot,

Head of Business Development-West Coast

Jo is Acumen’s head of business development-West Coast, leading the organization’s partner engagement and fundraising strategy, with the goal to innovatively tackle global poverty. Prior to Acumen, Jo developed tech platforms for early stage sustainability ventures as director of business development at Singlebrook Technology. She grew up in Kenya; worked for the United Nations in Kenya, Russia, and the U.S.; then joined StartingBloc as director of programs and, subsequently, as their executive director. Following this, Jo was the global vice president of business development at TerraCycle, overseeing partnership development in 22 countries. Jo is an alum of Middlebury College and has a master’s in sustainability from the University of Cambridge. She is married to Freeman White; her favorite moments are biking, swimming, and running with her husband and five-year-old daughter.


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