Mentor a MiddCOREplus Intern

MiddCOREplus students spend 30 hours per week at their internships, and then return to campus on Fridays for additional workshops. Their projects are designed to provide value and meaning to both the partner organization and the student.  This summer-long program relies on mentors who are willing and able to work collaboratively with our students.  We are currently accepting project proposals from prospective mentors.

MiddCORE will work with the partnering organization to develop the project, identify realistic deliverables for a ten-week period, and discuss specific formal and informal ways to mentor the student.  When selecting internships we value the mentor’s ability to meet and engage with the student as much as the quality of the project.  MiddCORE provides the stipend to the student intern.

After filling out an application you will be contacted by MiddCORE to further develop the project and mentorship goals.

If you would like to discuss potential project ideas while filling out the proposal, please contact Catherine Collins at cmcollin@middlebury.edu

Round One – September 31st, 2013
Round Two – October 29nd, 2013

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MiddCORE was awarded The 2014 Ashoka U-Cordes Innovation Award which recognizes high impact in education innovations.


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