Accepted Student Information


Congratulations on your acceptance to MiddCORE 2018!

We are so excited for you to join us. We hope this page will help you prepare for your MiddCORE experience in Monterey this summer. Please check back often as we will continue to update this page with more specific information about this upcoming summer’s program. 




  • Due two weeks after you are accepted (or two weeks after you are awarded financial aid, if applicable) 
  • Mail a check to MiddCORE or Pay Electronically.
  • Non-Middlebury students must pay by check unless otherwise directed. 

To pay by check:
Make your check payable to Middlebury College. 
Mail To:
MiddCORE Admissions c/o Middlebury College 
118 South Main Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753 

To pay Electronically on Middlebury’s secure online site click here:
Select Account: Summer Study Deposit
Enter amount to be paid: $400
Select payment method
Click Continue
Enter information requested and hit continue
Verify your information and hit confirm to complete

 2. Enrollment Data Form 

 ‌• Early Decision I Enrollment Data Form (if you submitted your application on or before November 15, 2017).

Early Decision II Enrollment Data Form (if you submit your application on or before February 15, 2018).

Regular Decision Enrollment Data Form (if you submit your application after February 15, 2018).

• You can mail this form to MiddCORE or fill it out and email it to MiddCOREadmissions@middlebury.edu

 3. Online Rooming Form 

• Due one week after you are accepted
• This is an online form that you need to fill out


Limited financial aid for the summer 2018 program is available according to Middlebury College’s need-based criteria, as funds permit.

Middlebury students on financial aid are eligible for financial aid for the summer program as funds permit.

 Non-Middlebury students may apply for scholarship funding by submitting their financial aid award letter from their home institution upon acceptance to the program. They are also encouraged to inquire about funding opportunities at their home institution. 


• Please see the detailed info above and complete the necessary steps with Middlebury College’s International Student and Scholar Services Office.

• If you are interested in receiving financial aid and you are not a Middlebury student, please fill out this application. 


 6. Book your travel and email your itinerary to MIDDCOREADMISSIONS@MIDDLEBURY.EDU

• Once your travel is booked, please fill out this travel form so that we can help you arrange transportation to campus.                       

• For more information on travel arrangements, visit Asilomar Conference Center‘s “Getting Here” page. We recommend that you fly into one of the major airports in the area – San Francisco or San Jose – and book a shuttle to Asilomar through Monterey Airbus



•Please fill out the following online forms:

Middlebury College Online General Release and Indemnity Agreement Form



• We are really excited to meet you and hope that you choose to spend a month of your summer with us—we think you’ll find it to be one of the best investments of your time that you’ll ever make.
• If you have any questions about MiddCORE please reach out to MiddCOREadmissions@middlebury.edu. 




Leave valuable items at home. While theft is uncommon, it can occur. Students should arrange for packages to arrive after the start of the program.

Student addresses during the session will be:
First Name, Last Name
c/o MiddCORE

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
460 Pierce Street, Monterey CA, 93940

Items Supplied in Each Room:
Twin bed, extra-long mattress (80 inches), linens, one set of towels, pillow, blanket, desk, desk chair, desk lamp with a bulb, dresser, closet space/wardrobe, wall light, and Internet connection. Please note that a telephone is not provided in students’ rooms. 

When planning what to bring, please consult the list of recommended items below:

• Electronics:
Laptop (computers also available in library)
Alarm clock

• Personal toiletries:
Shower Caddy
Water bottle
Travel cup/mug
Towels (one for the beach)
Active wear
At least one nice outfit (for presentations, the idea fair, and other formal events)
Walking shoes

• Outdoors:

Hiking boots
Optional outdoor equipment: (gear for climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, Rain gear, Backpack etc.)


Final tuition bills will be sent out in May. Payment is due upon receipt of your final tuition bill. For any questions regarding financial aid and billing please contact the Middlebury College student financial services office at #802-443-5158.

• You may make your payment online using QuikPay (a link will be provided in the e-mail notification that is sent from the Middlebury College student financial services office). QuikPay will allow you to pay in U.S. funds using e-check, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express (QuikPay does not accept VISA). Please be aware that you will be charged a convenience fee of 2.75% of the amount charged, if paying by credit or debit card.  This fee is imposed by QuikPay, not by Middlebury College, and there is no convenience fee for payment using e-check.

Enter your student ID, which is located on both your acceptance letter and your bill, and the first 3 letters of your last name

1. Select Pay Middlebury tuition
2. Select term MiddCORE Tuition
3. Enter amount to be paid based on your attached bill
4. Select payment method
5. Click continue
6. Enter information requested. Hit continue
7. Verify your information and hit confirm to complete

Once the transaction is processed you will receive two confirmation e-mails, one for the payment made and one for the 2.75% service fee paid, if paying via credit card. If the payment is made by e-check there is no service fee and you will only receive one email confirmation.

If you prefer to pay by paper check, please make the check payable to MiddCORE and mail to:

118 South Main Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT  05753

***Please be sure to include the student ID on the check.

Your balance must be paid in full prior to arrival on campus. You will not be given your room key until payment has been received.


MiddCORE is a pass/fail course that offers 1 Middlebury College credit (the equivalent of 3-semester-hour credits). Upon successful completion of MiddCORE, you will receive this credit on your Middlebury College transcript.  

Middlebury students please take note of the Middlebury College handbook policy regulations around pass/fail and summer study courses.

Non-Middlebury students will need their home institutions to request their Middlebury College transcript in order to assess what amount of credit MiddCORE is eligible at your home institution. We encourage students to work with their registrar’s office before taking MiddCORE so that the course is approved as a transferable credit.

For questions about academic credit please contact the Middlebury College Registrar’s office at #802-443-5770.


Please make sure to arrive at Asilomar Conference Center on June 30th. You should plan your departure for Saturday, July 28th before 5:00 pm. If you arrive earlier than the 30th or leave later than the 28th you will need to make arrangements for your stay.

If your itinerary changes, please email MiddCOREadmissions@middlebury.edu with the updated information.




• International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers visa-related services and provides advice and support to Middlebury College’s international student, faculty, and staff population. International students (i.e. non-U.S. citizens/lawful permanent residents) participating in MiddCORE must have a nonimmigrant U.S. visa status that allows them to pursue full-time study during the MiddCORE program dates. Tourist status (i.e. B-1/B-2/Visa Waiver Program-ESTA) does not allow enrollment in a full-time course load such as MiddCORE.

• If students are in the U.S. attending another U.S. college or university with a visa status that allows them to study full-time, please contact International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) with current visa documentation (a scanned copy of visa, passport ID pages, I-94 card, and I-20, DS2019 or other document used to obtain visa status). ISSS will review the documents to confirm a student’s eligibility to attend MiddCORE with his/her current visa status. Please email ISSS at isss@middlebury.edu with the necessary information, and respond to ISSS requests in a timely way. Students may also visit the ISSS website for more information.

• Important Tax Information for International Students:
All students who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. lawful permanent residents (i.e. green card holders) will receive a request for information from Middlebury’s Tax Office via email before the program begins. Students must submit the requested information in a timely manner. Please note that students may have a tax obligation on the scholarship or financial aid amount that exceeds tuition. If so, students will be obligated to pay the tax liability that will appear on the Middlebury bill.

• Foreign Nationals:
Based on visa history and passport information provided by foreign nationals prior to arriving at MiddCORE, the foreign national’s tax status is determined. Resident Aliens for tax purposes are treated for tax purposes like U.S. citizens (see above). For non-resident aliens for tax purposes funds received from the College for financial aid to cover room and board and other non-tuition expenses are reported by Middlebury College on IRS Form 1042-S, Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. These funds are taxable at 14% or 30% unless treaty benefits apply. Taxes are posted to the students account and are due to the College by the program start date. The tax withholding is also reported on Form 1042-S which is mailed the following February. For more information on which countries have tax treaties and similar questions go to Middlebury’s tax office website.


As part of Middlebury’s ongoing commitment to maintain a safe, healthy, and inclusive community, we are asking that you take the time to carefully review the updated MiddCORE Student Handbook, which will be released soon. In the meantime, feel free to read through last year’s policies highlighted below.

 These policies contain important information regarding your rights and obligations, as well as campus, local, state, and federal contact information and resources.

 We also encourage you to explore the following informational Web sites and resources:

 Local Resources

On Campus

Emergencies: Dial 911. Students can also dial 9-911 from a campus phone. Individuals should be prepared to let the dispatcher know that they are calling from Monterey, CA (when on MIIS campus) or Pacific Grove (when at Asilomar Conference Center). They should provide the dispatcher with their name, a description of the type of emergency and the location of the emergency.

Campus Security: 831.647.4153 (available 24/7)

Other Middlebury Resources

• Sexual Assault Resources and Information (http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/saoc): Comprehensive information about sexual assault prevention and response.

Threat Assessment (http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/publicsafety/threat): Information regarding Middlebury’s Threat Assessment and Response Policy, Threat Assessment and Management Team (“TAM team”), identifying concerning behavior, reporting, and related resources.

• Drugs and Alcohol: Policies, Laws, and Resources (http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/misc/drug_and_alcohol): Information and resources related to alcohol and drug abuse.

• Hazing (http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/doc/hazing): Helpful information and resources related to hazing prevention

To pursue an internal complaint, or to learn more about the above policies, please contact the individuals and offices below:

        • Anti-Harassment/Discrimination/Sexual Misconduct/Related Retaliation: Susan P. Ritter, Human Relations Officer (sritter@middlebury.edu; 802.443.3289)

        • Stalking: Campus Security, Christal Brown, MiddCore Director (christal@middlebury.eduor  Susan P. Ritter, Human Relations Officer

       • Threat Assessment and Response: Campus Security ( 831.647.4153) 

        • Hazing: Campus Security or Christal Brown, MiddCore Director (christal@middlebury.edu)

         • Emergencies of any kind:  (dial 911 or call Campus Security at  831.647.4153)

We encourage all members of the MiddCORE Community to report crimes (including, but not limited to, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking) to the police.

• Please also be aware that as part of our commitment to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive campus community, that Middlebury College’s Dean of the College coordinates Middlebury’s efforts to comply with all anti-discrimination laws, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 as amended (“Title IX”), which prohibits discrimination in educational programs on the basis of sex. Prohibited sex discrimination includes sexual harassment and sexual misconduct (including sexual assault) as defined by Middlebury’s policies. Middlebury’s Title IX Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing all Title IX complaints. The Human Relations Officer, Susan Ritter, is the Title IX coordinator’s designee for the purposes of overseeing investigations and adjudicating complaints of sex discrimination (including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct) under Middlebury’s Anti-Harassment/Discrimination policy.


In order to be certain that students will be assisted in meeting the unexpected and sometimes heavy expensive of an illness or accident, Middlebury College requires students to have personal health insurance. Students who do not already have health insurance that will provide coverage during MiddCORE must obtain coverage prior to arrival. International students, in particular, should ascertain that their health insurance is valid in the U.S. 
Please fill out the following online Health Form before arriving in Monterey: 
Middlebury College Online General Release and Indemnity Agreement Form





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