For Parents

For Parents

What if you could design a course for yourself, the course that you wish you could’ve taken when you were an undergraduate or recent graduate?

Perhaps you would have a former White House Press Secretary design exercises in crisis management and take you through your paces as you learn how to manage the media.

Perhaps you would gather former Governors to talk about how to run a meeting, how to run a government, or how to run a state.

You might collect experienced, successful entrepreneurs from around the world who could impart their hard earned secrets and devise innovation challenges.

You might seek out financiers who are great teachers, and great teachers of finance to team up to insure that you had the basic tools of finance under your belt.

You might gather experienced negotiators and design consultants and communicators and teachers of experiential learning who could keep you on the edge of your comfort zone and keep the learning curve steep.

The course you would be designing is MiddCORE. We believe fervently in the value of an undergraduate education at our great Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges. We also believe that the connection between the undergraduate record of accomplishment and success outside of the academy can be significantly strengthened with a course directed at the development of the skills, knowledge base and network connections of MiddCORE.

Our objective is for our students to look back on MiddCORE as the most valuable educational experience of their lives.

MiddCORE was awarded The Ashoka U-Cordes Innovation Award which recognizes high impact in education innovations.


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