MiddCOREplus, the Extended Edition: Naila Jahan Continues her Summer Work

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There is a distinctly wintry tinge to the Middlebury campus these days – fallen leaves, cool nights and crisp gray skies. But even as the students and MiddCORE team make the transition to fall and winter, there are remnants still of summer to be found. For Naila Jahan, this means that her work as a MiddCOREplus intern for the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) this past summer is carrying right into the rest of the year.

After working for ten weeks at VCET in June and July through the MiddCOREplus program, Naila accepted a permanent position for the academic year. In this way, MiddCORE goes well beyond a four-week immersion experience or a ten-week internship program. MiddCORE is a foundation to build off of. It is an experience that helps you identify how you’d like to forward, and gives you the support and confidence to do just that.

Naila is someone who’s truly taken the skills and resources MiddCORE has given her and run with them. She’s organizing exciting projects at VCET that call on her abilities as a leader, communicator, collaborator, and organizer.

MiddCOREplus Naila Jahan_B

At the top of her list is the planning of a women’s networking event for women involved in the technology industry in Vermont. She said, “I’m really excited for it; it’s all about bringing together young women professionals in the Burlington area and high-powered women in business.” The MiddCORE office and the Project on Creativity and Innovation are sponsoring organizations for the event, which will take place in December.

Undoubtedly, VCET is keeping Naila busy. It’s helping her hone key skills and it’s giving her ideas for the future. “VCET has been great because it’s given me this opportunity to expose myself to a lot of different people in different fields of entrepreneurship.” But, in the end, Naila brought it back to MiddCORE: “MiddCORE gave me the confidence to do what I’m doing now. And that’s something I will always carry with me.”

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