Before I came to MiddCORE I thought…

We’re now at the halfway point of the MiddCORE  journey!  See what students are saying about what they thought MiddCORE was going to be like before they arrived and what they now realize MiddCORE is…

“Before I came to MiddCORE, I thought it would be a one month ab workout.  Now that I am here, I think that it is a one month brain workout.”

“When I first came to MiddCORE, I thought it would be more business – oriented.  Now, I know there are much more important skills learned.”

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“When I first came to MiddCORE I thought that it was going to be more independent now I realize it is about collaboration.”

“When I first came to MiddCORE I didn’t think that I was going to work so closely with mentors, now i’m really enjoying working with mentors on a daily basis.”

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“When I came to MiddCORE I thought it was only about our own leadership, now that I’m here I’ve learned a lot about working with others.”


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  1. Rita says:

    First: Thank you for giving my son an experience he will never forget. I APPRECIATE all the effort and creativity put into this program.

    My thoughts prior to knowing what MiddCore was about:
    Feeling kind of foolish now, but I thought that this was going to be an adventure. I believed that it was going to be putting the participants into life changing events; like Bungee Jumping, etc.
    I am truly glad it was not what I thought.
    Now that I do know, it has been an experience that has enriched my son’s life and will have an impact on him throughout his life. He has learned to face, endure, and accomplish events that come up with life everyday, and not necessarily on his own.

    Thank You again for the knowledge disseminated, confidence inspired and phenomenal program .

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