Sales and Flyfishing

At the end of their fourth week of the program, the seven MiddCOREplus participants learned about sales from mentor Nicolas Boillot, CEO of HB, an integrated marketing agency focused on business-to-business, clean-tech, high-tech and medical technology markets.  Students learned that building good rapport must always be the first step in sales.

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Nicolas stressed the importance of remembering that “sales is not about you or what you have to say…it is about listening to what the other person needs and seeing if and how you might be able to fill that need.”

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Students practiced making a good pitch about their company in order to get feedback from one another and from Nicolas.  This feedback will be critical in the upcoming weeks of their internships as they will continue to be in the field gathering insights.

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During the afternoon session, participants headed outdoors for a fly-fishing lesson. Everyone quickly realized that fishing, like sales, requires much patience, skill, and practice.  At the end of the day everyone was left to ponder the following questions: What makes a person excited about a product or experience?  What is the best type of sales and marking that we see around us in our daily lives?

Have you been intrigued to buy a product recently? Why?  What did you notice about the sale strategy that worked or didn’t work?

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