We Are All on a Path as Speakers


“At some level we all hate going up on stage as speakers. The important thing is to keep
stepping up to the podium.” 
– Mike Kiernan



Five important secrets for persuasive communication from Mike Kiernan:

1. Create a structure
“Place some telephone poles in the empty landscape to drape your words upon.”

2. Remember the importance of silence
“Attend to the graphic design of your utterances.”

3. Your speech is not happening inside you
“100% of the design and delivery of your presentation must be focussed on an understanding of the perceptual apparatus and the psychological state of your listener.”

4. Attend to number of input portals of your listener
“Always start with visual silence.  Be certain that your visuals are superior to silence.”

 5. Surprise Me
“I have given you, as a listener, the gift of my attention. Do not insult my generosity by allowing me to anticipate everything you are going to say!”  (for example, promise four secrets, and deliver five)


Participants practice playing Teleprompter with one another.


Participants also practice playing Teleprompter with adult mentors.


Mentor Mike Keirnan reminds us to always connect with your audience when they
are moving.


By being connected to your audience, you are able to connect with them even
when they are holding still.



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