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Crisis Management

As part of the experiential learning that takes place at MiddCORE, students were handed the roles of upper management of Toyota during the accelerator crisis. Mentor Gary Holmes, Principal at Gary Holmes Communications LLC, helped the students craft their crisis management techniques and then put them into action. Take a look at what happened.

Idea Creation

MiddCORE participants have the opportunity to create their own innovation during MiddCORE, called the Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge also encourages students to reach out to the mentors that hold workshops during the program. As part of the idea development process, Lisa Condino (Teaching Artist and Regional Coordinator of VSA Vermont) and EJ Bartlett (Creative Director of EJ Creative) held a prototyping and idea creation workshop that helped students understand their ideas in a physical way.

Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

During MiddCORE January ’13, students were tasked with a challenge related to social entrepreneurship. The challenges included food hubs, education in VT, and in this case, homelessness. Students evaluated the challenge at hand and proposed a comprehensive solution with the skills they had learned.

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