We Create Impact Through Design


“At IDEO we create impact through design. I want you to experience the way IDEO works by doing it,”  Tom said.

Tom Raith, the Creative Director at IDEO, spent a day with MiddCORE students in Monterey brainstorming and re-framing the Fort Ord Social Challenge that the students there are focusing on for the month of MiddCORE.

Using the photos and quotes from the day in the field, the students covered the walls with sticky notes looking for impressions that stuck and recurrent behavioral models.  Were the stakeholders open, confrontational, or engaged?

Even before MiddCORE Monterey started on January 2nd, 17 students interviewed stakeholders about a connectivity challenge in the Fort Ord area.  The challenge had been framed around a connectivity issue; however, with Tom’s guidance, students started to reframe the question starting with three words: “How might we …?”

From there, students jumped to prototyping.

“This helps to scratch the ‘I think I know what the solution is’ itch,” Tom said. “It helps to test assumptions… At IDEO, we build to think and we think to build.”

At the end of the day one student asked, “What would IDEO do next with this challenge?”

Tom responded, “Given what we know, we’d design it.”

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