From Environmental Protection to Undergarment Production …

Notebooks, pencils, and backpacks in hand, 30 students shuffled into class this morning. It was obvious that they were really excited, a bit nervous, and that we would never see this group this quiet together ever again!

In Professor Trombulak’s class, students listened intently to their first challenge, presented by 1% for the Planet, a non-profit that invites companies to sign on and donate 1% of their annual profits to environmental initiatives. Students will be coming up with ways that 1% for the Planet can leverage a consortium of companies who are already involved to further advance environmental work.

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Next door, Kerry O’Brien posed two pressing questions to her class: “Who’s ready to talk about underwear?” and “Who knows what going commando is?” And with that, she launched into an explanation of her journey, from the Senior VP at a top PR firm to an aspiring author to “owner of a fake boob company.” But apart from a few expected giggles as she passed around some prototypes, it was all business. O’Brien owns Commando, an innovative women’s underwear company that has revolutionized everything women can wear down there, as it were. Now she’s challenging students to design men’s underwear and to sell her on why their design will knock the pants off prospective buyers!


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