“Be Useful!” said the Queen of Twitter.

Laura Fitton, Marketing Evangelist at Hubspot shared this bit of advice during our last stop at the inbound marketing firm in Cambridge, MA.

Fitton, also known as @Pistachio, authored Twitter for Dummies and has influenced thought leaders like Guy Kawasaki, Seth Gowdin, Penelope Trunk and others on the benefits of using twitter.

Here are some snippets of wisdom from @Pistachio on tweeting and inbound marketing strategies:

“Influence (was) attract attention to yourself.  Influence (is) provide attention and value to others.”

“Make your customer the hero of your story.”

MiddCOREplus Students outside of HubSpot.

After touring HubSpot, talking with @Pistachio, and meeting with the Talent Management Executive David Fernandez, students sat in the audience during HubSpot’s filming of their weekly marketing update.  The topic – Sexting Redefined and McHonesty Wins the Day.

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