The Sin Bin – Don’t Let the Party go to Waste


Jo Opot ’05 Global Vice President of Business Development at TerraCycle and Freeman White ’03, CEO of Launcht challenged students to identify waste streams on campus.  Groups identified solo cups, paper towels, printer cartridges, and plastic bags as main waste streams.

The winning team identified two prevalent discarded items on campus and included an additional item to help market the Sin Bin.  Sin Bin is a collection mechanism for Solo cups, candy wrappers, and condom wrappers.  This group even applied for an environmental life grant before their presentation on Friday!  After the awards, MiddCORE students sketched out an implementation plan for a Terracycle committee on campus.  Members of the committee would include staff from facilities, environmental organizations on campus, members of the residential life team and MiddCORE students.




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